Terms and Conditions of a site is the most difficult thing to understand, yet we have tried our best to keep it simple for you. Below are some of the terms and conditions that you agree before using our site or purchasing anything from it. If you don’t agree with all or any of such terms, simply don’t use this site nor use its services in the near future. It is for the best of both parties.

Personal Info

When you place an order on this site, some common files are required to fill for the order to be delivered successfully at your door. It may include your full name, company’s name (optional), telephone number (for courier’s ease), a working email address (for order confirmation and tracking number’s delivery purpose), and your complete physical address (shipping address where you want your order to be delivered).

Such info is necessary and is only required because we need it to make your delivery.

Use of Personal Info

The basic personal info we collect during your account creation/order placement, will not be used by any other purpose by any third party. We promise that we will not sell your personal information to any third party at any cause. We will not use your info for anything outside this site. We may only use it to send you a weekly promotional newsletter or some other important news that might be interested for you. If you don’t wish such news to arrive in your inbox, you can simply unsubscribe the newsletter service the moment you open it. Your order history and record are safe with us.


By visiting this site, you agree that you allow us to store cookies on your PC’s hard drive. These are some small files placed on your computer’s hard disk for the sake of record-keeping and your identification. It may give us some basic info like your IP, OS version, browser’s type & version and location. These may not identify your actual location but gives us with an idea where you live. Please note that such files are only placed for a temporary period. Most of the cookies will get deleted the moment your clear your browser’s history. If you do not wish to receive cookies file, you can do so by changing the settings of your browser.

There are some other cache cookies that makes the web load a lot faster the second time you visit us. And then there are some cookies related to Google Analytics that help us do the traffic analysis identifying which page you visited etc. But such files don’t bring any harm to your computer and top of all, and they can be cleaned up via your browser’s setting.

Links to other sites

It is possible that this site could contain some links to other websites. You should use them at your own risk. If they are present on this site, then it means they are checked by one of our webmasters and are safe to use, but still, we don’t control the content on such sites. So, signing up on such sites and placing orders is entirely your choice. Common examples include a link to secure payment processor’s site for making payment (safe to use) and some links to other certified online stores (they are also safe to use).

Right to cancel the order

You agree that we reserve the right to cancel any order at any time without any prior consent. We may do so if the price isn’t accurate or the product suddenly becomes out of stock. But we will refund the payment to your account without much delay so do not be worry in this regard.

Possibility of an error in content or Prices

All the content (including but not limited to Graphics, images, product pictures, prices, product names, titles, descriptions) are not guaranteed as 100% accurate. There can be a possibility of an error in the content present on this site as all of it is written by a human. So, by using this site, you agree that the content could be inaccurate or contain typographic errors. If you see such a thing, kindly let us know of such error and your cooperation would be much appreciated.

Right to end an offer without prior notice

We regularly introduce new promotional offers from time to time for the betterment of our valued customers. But any offer could be ended at any time without any prior notice. You agree that you will be patient if such a case happens.

Any hidden or additional Charges.

There are no hidden or additional charges will be asked by us (lordsnrings). No TAX/VAT is added in these prices. However, if there is any Import Duty, VAT, Inland Tax (if applicable) is not included in the prices. Buyer/customer will be payable (if applicable). Seller/Shipper is not responsible.

Hold right to ship the orders.

Once we received the order, we hold the right to ship orders from different countries depend on stock availability. We ship orders from within the UK – USA – China – Pakistan.

Right to ask for any additional Info

If we are unable to locate your location for the order dispatching, or we suspect a possible fraud/scam, we may ask you for any additional info. Please note that we try to keep things simple and won’t bother you unless its necessary. Your cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

Please note that we would be highly thankful if you agree to these terms & conditions. We would appreciate it. But if in case you disagree with all or any of the above-mentioned terms, you can simply exit the site. Placing order with us means that you agreed to our business terms. These terms are made for the betterment of our valued customers.