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The Power of Brisingr: Eragon’s Legendary Sword

The Power of Brisingr: Eragon's Legendary Sword

Eragon is a character in The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, and Rhunön is a character in Encyclopedia Alagaësi. Eragon is a fifteen-year-old boy who has lived with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran on a farm near the village of Carvahall, left by his mother 15 years before. He is a very brave boy. While hunting, he sees a large explosion and finds a blue dragon egg in the rubble. In this series, Erogan is used by d. Eragon uses Brisingr in many battles to fight against the evil forces in the Kingdom.

The Brisingr Sword is a powerful weapon that helps him in his quest to bring peace and justice to the land. The elf smith Rhunön makes the sword for Eragon. Brisingr becomes a very special sword because Rhunön forges it with both skill and magic. Whenever Eragon says the sword's name, "Brisingr," which means "fire" in the ancient language, the blade bursts into blue flames. This sword is very helpful during his journey.

Brisingr: Eragon's Legendary Sword

Design and Features:

Brisingr is a hand-and-a-half sword with a curved cross-guard and a slightly longer hilt than usual. This design allows Eragon to wield it comfortably with both one hand and two hands, providing him with the flexibility to deliver more powerful blows. Eragon mentioned during Rhunön's interrogation that he preferred to use a sword and shield, but often found himself without a shield. As a result, Rhunön and Eragon agreed on creating "a sword for all occasions," suitable for use in tight spaces like Farthen Dûr's tunnels and on large battlefields.

Engravings and Aesthetics:

The sword bears the name "Brisingr," which translates to "fire" in the Ancient Language. This glyph is engraved on both the blade and the scabbard. The scabbard is dark blue, matching the color of Saphira's back, with a leaf-shaped steel cap at the end. The blade itself is a lighter iridescent blue, resembling Saphira's neck. The bright steel used in the blade has cable-like patterns and a flame-like design marking the transition between the blade's soft spine and hard edges. Crafters fashion the guard from blued bright steel.

Blade and Grip:

Brisingr's blade is thin near the tip, making it effective against the upgraded armor of Eragon's time. Crafters fashion the grip from black hardwood, ensuring a sturdy hold.

The Sapphire Pommel:

In Brisingr, one of the most striking features is the large blue sapphire set in the pommel. Four ribs made from blued bright steel hold this sapphire in place, resembling claws and adding to the sword's unique and powerful appearance.

Brisingr: A Sword Forged with Magic

Creation by Rhunön:

Rhunön, the elf, crafted Brisingr by assuming control of Eragon's mind and utilizing his body to forge it. Rhunön couldn't use her own hands because of a promise she had made. Crafters forged the sword from Brightsteel, a rare metal found in meteorites and shooting stars, traditionally used for Riders' blades. Rhunön had trouble finding this metal, despite using many spells. Eventually, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, found a piece of the metal under the Menoa tree, as predicted in a prophecy by the werecat Solembum. Rhunön and another elf, Oromis, declared it the best sword she had ever made.

Use in Battle:

Eragon used Brisingr during the Siege of Feinster. Whenever someone inquired about the sword's name, he was consistently interrupted. Eragon used Brisingr to break through the city's gates and defenses. Most people thought the sword's name, which means "fire," was good. However, Angela, a witch, found it dull and proposed amusing names such as Chrysanthemum Cleaver or Sheep Biter instead. Eragon joked that he already had a Sheep Biter, referring to Saphira, who wasn't happy about the nickname.

Undbitr: Brom's Lost Sword

Undbitr was Brom's sword, made by the elf smith Rhunön. It was blue, the same color as his dragon, Saphira. Brom wielded Undbitr during his time as a Dragon Rider, but the sword was lost during the downfall of the Dragon Riders. Later, Eragon's sword, Brisingr, took over its role.

Vrangr: The Tragic Sword of Vrael

Vrangr is the most tragic of the Rider's swords. Galbatorix originally called it Islingr, meaning "light bringer," and it belonged to the Dragon Rider Vrael. After Galbatorix killed Vrael, he renamed the sword Vrangr, meaning "awry." It had a stark white blade, hilt, and crossguard, with a clear gem in the pommel described as "clear as a mountain spring." Once Galbatorix took it, the sword changed, becoming pale and colorless, like a sun-bleached bone, symbolizing death and filled with Galbatorix's darkness.

Ithring: Murtagh's Rider Sword

Ithring is Murtagh's Rider sword. Originally, the sword was named Zar'roc, meaning "misery" in the Ancient Language. It belonged to the fallen Dragon Rider Morzan, who betrayed the order and used it to destroy many Dragons and their Riders. After Morzan's death, Brom took the sword and later gave it to Eragon when he became Saphira's Rider. Murtagh, Morzan's son, and Eragon's half-brother, reclaimed the sword from Eragon at the Second Battle of the Burning Plains, as it was rightfully his by birth. Murtagh renamed the sword Ithring, which means "freedom," symbolizing a new purpose for the weapon.

The Brisingr Sword Is Based On the Real-Life Falchion:

The books frequently discuss the Brisingr sword, likening it to the French Falchion sword. The special thing about it is its curved edge, which is like a saber. This makes it really sturdy and flexible for all kinds of tasks, but it also has a stylish look to it. So, not only is it useful in a fight, but it also has a cool appearance.


In conclusion, the Brisingr sword holds a significant role in Eragon's journey, symbolizing power, skill, and magic. Crafted by the elf smith Rhunön, it becomes Eragon's trusted weapon, aiding him in battles against evil forces. Its design, featuring a curved edge reminiscent of a saber, offers both flexibility and strength. Engraved with the glyph for "fire," it bursts into blue flames when Eragon speaks its name. With its unique aesthetics and magical properties, Brisingr becomes more than just a sword; it becomes a symbol of hope and determination in Eragon's quest for peace and justice in the land of Alagaësia. This sword is the best part of his journey.

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